Friday, May 13, 2011

What does Start Trek have to do with Singapore? Well that's hard to say, but this logo for the SDP (bottom left), the Singapore Democratic Party, caught my eye for the obvious similarity to the star trek symbol/badge (top left). According to the SDP, their logo is "a circle (which symbolises unity amongst Singapore's ethnic groups), behind an arrow (representing political progress in Singapore)." One could probably apply similar themes to Star Trek's symbol. It does seem to me that in the subtle differences, a lot can be inferred. The round edges of the Star Trek symbol are straight out of the era in which is was made, in the 50s and 60s such rounded angular shapes were popular in American design; from Vegas to advertising illustrations, they were simply part of the visual language of the time. And in the case of SDP's logo the sharp triangle brings to mind other Asian points of reference, like Mitsubishi's logo.

Also interesting to note, Singapore saw 14.5% growth in 2010, an amazing number, but the gains of recent years have been going mostly to the top, while the cost of living and property prices for average Singaporeans have increased much more than wages. I guess every galaxy has the same problems.

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