Friday, April 23, 2010

I happen to be a basketball fan, and watching the first round of this years playoffs I was again reminded of how much I dislike the "NBA cares" logo. I'm sure the program is good and all, but the logo is God awful. They're of course going for the childish/naiveté/friendly/loose/feel-good, feel. But in my opinion it's just lame. The unfinished lines which extend past each other make this mark look really messy and clumsy. And for the record I very rarely think an earth depicted with the latitude and longitude lines looks good. It's just not sexy, doubt me? I could go on for a while pointing out other aspects I don't like, but I won't (I won't even mention the 3Dified version). I don't mind the heart, I think it's fine to have one, given the subject matter it's going to be at least a little cheesy, but the logo could be done soooo much better. This logo's been around for quite some time, but I hope it's days are numbered. That said, coming up I'll make nice with the NBA with a positive post featuring retro NBA team logos.

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