Thursday, April 15, 2010

I must say I love Palau's flag. It's about as simple as it gets, and love how the circle is ever so slightly off-center. Beautiful. One would naturally think the yellow circle represents the sun against a bright blue sky, or perhaps the blue represents the ocean, and the yellow circle, a lone island.

But none of those observations are correct, the yellow circle actually represents the full moon. "The Palauans consider the full moon to be the optimum time for human activity. At this time of the month, celebrations, harvesting, sowing, fishing, tree-felling, and the carving of traditional canoes are carried out." If I had to guess, given that Palau has a year round tropical climate, I'd say people are often active at night when it's cooler, just like many other pacific island societies, and the extra light from the full moon make it a really practical time to get some sh*t done. But that's just my guess, and we can see from the flag, one should assume nothing. Anyway, supposedly the blue "is in fact a representation of the transition from foreign domination to self-government". I could imagine making a really cool t-shirt based on the flag, an all cyan shirt, with a yellow circle off the one side on the lower half of the shirt, it would be dope right?

In case your wondering why I'm interested in Palau, yes, as Liz Lemon would say "I want to go to there". With crazy rock island formations, a jelly fish lake (they don't sting), ship wreaks, coral atolls, tunnels and caves, beautiful beaches, fish, and flowers; who wouldn't?   
Sorce: Wikipedia


  1. Hey man, just saw your article; I hope you managed to get to Palau or will be able to someday :-) I'm glad you think so highly of us ^__^

  2. Thanks Ambiguity, not just yet, hopefully someday soon!