Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This ambitious logo was seen just the round the corner from my place. It's for a company named "Globe Fence" which it seems is still around and still using a variation of this logo. What makes this logo so interesting to me is how simultaneously direct and ridiculous it is. The company's name is GLOBE FENCE so the logo is a fence encircling the Globe! (imagine evil laughter). But the icing on the cake is how the continents are drawn, as if it there was no reference to be found and the person doing so had to rely on a fuzzy mental picture. North America seems to have lost the Gulf Of Mexico and molded straight into Central America, South America's west coast is a whole lot bigger, And my favorite, Europe and the Middle East, which almost make a key like formation with what I would guess is Spain and Portugal being connected to England and Ireland. Africa seems to be the most accurate, even though Antarctica seems to have slid up right next to Madagascar! Awesome!

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