Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the plethora of BP parody logos out there right now. But the subject is well covered so I'll keep this brief. There are a few different contests going on, the two largest I know of are Greenpeace's, and one on some site called "Logomyway". Not surprisingly there's quite a range of skill levels participating. To date the best I've seen is Draplin Design's, who was also pretty early to the party—having posted his sketches on May 28th. But I also love the two above, the Keep Calm and Carry On parody (a parody within a parody I suppose, but fitting since BP is a British company) from a designer named raithy; and BS by Mark Peters via GOOD. The irony of all these parodies is that there are in one way the sign of a strong brand and logo. There's a lot for people to work with, and many different interpretations still can be recognized as BP. I'd go so far as to say more people are inspired to make parodies because it's so easy to flip it and it's fun. I don't think Exxon parodies would as being as interesting. I wonder if in the end BP will keep it's name but change it's logo, or perhaps change both? That's one job I'd refuse to do.

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