Monday, June 7, 2010

This is not an ad.
well, it is, but it's one we created for a client...

The 2010 Whitney Biennial, which just closed,
is the Whitney’s best known exhibition.

"This year marks the seventy-fifth edition of the Biennial...and while Biennials are always affected by the cultural, political, and social moment, this exhibition, simply titled 2010, embodies a cross section of contemporary art production rather than a specific theme...Balancing different media ranging from painting and sculpture to video, photography, performance, and installation, 2010 also serves as a two-way telescope through which the Whitney’s past and future can be observed."—The Whitney

City Pool's role was to extend the established 2010 Biennial branding to the web, through animation. The poster and print advertising campaign featured blocks of text and color at different angles, which inspired the direction that was ultimately chosen.

As these examples show, having established angles to work with allowed for a fun panning back and forth along different axes.  This in turn allowed each chuck of information to be isolated, building up to the final reveal. The Whitney was seeking quick, crisp, movements; which meant no fading*, to which we happily obliged. With the speed, scale, bright yellow, and overall energy of the ads, we were quite happy with the results. The online campaign was very well received, and was updated for a final push shortly before closing to feature the Whitney's special around-the-clock hours. Were pretty confident those ads got peoples attention too. All said, it was a pleasure working with the Whitney Museum of American Art.

See more on the Whitney Biennial here.

*(note we've added fades and a play button to the end of these two example ads just for demonstration purposes,
in their native context they began automatically and held on the final frame).

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