Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foursquare is an app that allows people to "check-in" at locations with a mobile device. You know, like when your Facebook friend's status says "XXX checked into Starbucks", that sort of thing (although in that case they might be using Facebook Places). I've done very little to get the 411 on the Foursquare identity, but I shouldn't have to just to understand their logo. So here's what confuses me.

The purple golf ball looking thing, I have no idea what that is; for the guy version it sort of looks like he's dribbling a basketball behind his back over that turbo tax-ish check mark. Or maybe the guy is skateboarding? And speaking of the characters, what's with their mouths? It looks like they have no jaw or teeth, and there lips just hang there like some sort of alien species. The girl's raised eyebrow makes her look nervous, but I guess I would be too if I was straddling a giant check mark.

For a company who's wants to be among the likes of Facebook and twitter, there identity and illustrations feel awkward and confusing. I've worked on projects that referenced Foursquare, and when trying to reduce it down to a Icon, it's still confusing and nearly meaningless, you have to have the check mark plus the purple ball and a couple shades of blue, ouch!

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