Monday, January 24, 2011

Recently The Whitney Museum decided to completely rethink the core of how a membership program works. The Museum decided to give their members more control and the flexibility to "curate" their own membership.
Instead of the standard, often age-based, tier system, where higher donations translate to increased benefits. The Whitney's new membership approach allows people to mix and match their benefits. If you're a social butterfly, you can choose to be invited to exclusive member parties; Family man? Family events would probably be your best choice.
Therefore, the primary goal for the ad campaign was to communicate the idea of mixing and matching benefits facilitated by the new customization options. Utilizing snappy icons and colors already created by the Whitney's design team, we explored several options before arriving at this solution.

For more info on Whitney Memberhsip

*(note we've added fades and a play button to the end of these two example ads just for demonstration purposes,
in their native context they began automatically and held on the final frame).

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